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"Mr President, Baroness Ashton, I would like to repeat the call for you to provide us with the list of recipients of EU money in these countries. There are well-founded fears that the Ben Ali clan and his enterprises are also profiting from EU money. I believe that we need to review our own work in this region. We need clarification of how our money is being used and a clear change of course. For this clear change of course, what is needed first of all in Tunisia is a new Head of Delegation. I would like to read you what he wrote to us today in an e-mail: Europe’s strategy in Tunisia does not need to be reviewed. We will have greater freedom in our choice of interlocutors and partners, but the sectors for intervention and our agreements with the country are proving to be even more relevant today. I think it is incredible that the Head of Delegation writes that we do not have to review our policies vis-à-vis Tunisia. I call on you to take the responsibility to change the Head of the Delegation. If I may add one point concerning what was mentioned by Ms De Keyser; I think it is also time for you to support women in transition. For example, why not hold a big conference with your support where you go and support women for transition, highlighting their role and supporting them in order to strengthen and underline the laic and secular process in these countries. That could be a feminist agenda for you."@en1

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