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"There are currently 27 energy markets operating in the EU. The lack of interconnection between them is resulting in failure to achieve the EU’s objectives for economic competitiveness and energy security. The lack of a single integrated market means that EU energy policy is unable to provide effective solutions to the problems linked to the fall in Europe’s oil and gas reserves, the rise in crude oil and natural gas prices, the increase in global demand for energy and global warming. I welcome the announcement from Commissioner Oettinger regarding the ambitious deadline proposed by the European Commission, stating that 2015 will be the deadline for completing the internal energy market. I also welcome the intention to interconnect the 27 Member States’ gas and electricity networks and create a suitable infrastructure for the EU to achieve its objectives. I hope that the Commission’s commitment will be understood by European leaders as a call to put Member States’ real long-term interests at the forefront. It will only be possible to initiate the creation and strengthening of the single energy market and common policy in this area by making a firm decision as soon as possible. These are the only factors which can safeguard everyone’s energy security in the medium and long term."@en1

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