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"I believe that at its forthcoming summit on 4 February, the European Energy Council should aim to ensure that all energy sources, both traditional and non-traditional, are treated equally. Particular emphasis should be placed on native energy sources, including mineral fuels (coal and shale gas), in order to guarantee energy security for the EU. Use of these sources, with appropriate EU support, will be a decisive factor not only for the security of energy supplies, but also for the EU’s competitiveness and employment levels. At the same time, I would note that by ensuring appropriate investment in the EU’s energy infrastructure, we guarantee the further development of the Member States. I hope that the European Council’s conclusions will be an accurate reflection of the debates that have taken place to date on the 2050 objectives, and that they will not be published before the debate on these objectives, which is due to take place in March 2011. Thank you."@en1

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