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"This Council is adopting energy and innovation as subjects for debate. The proposal is to integrate and ‘complete’ the single market for electricity and gas. We are well aware that this stated goal has been synonymous with limits to the Member States’ full exercising of their social role through properly equipped, financed and active public services, and that it has been synonymous with liberalisations and privatisations, followed sooner or later by the inevitable monopolistic concentration at EU level. There will therefore be no difference in this strategic area of vital importance. In the midst of this, and as the easiest means of making this route viable, issues are being raised (demagogically) relating to the security of energy supply: these are certainly important, and must be considered and resolved, but within a different framework. Innovation is already seen, above all, merely as a means of giving value to ideas within the market and not as it should be: as a necessary means of helping respond to many of the problems and challenges facing humanity. However, it has become clear during the debate that these issues are nothing more than a smokescreen for another discussion: that of deepening the disastrous and anti-democratic mechanisms of so-called ‘economic governance’, and of tightening the stranglehold on peoples and countries like Portugal."@en1

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