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"The coming decade will be crucial for the entire European Union, because the Member States will have to take serious decisions: to replace existing resources and infrastructure and meet increasing demand for energy, which will be essential for European economic development in the future. This European Council on Energy really is very important. It may become an historic event if there is agreement on specific principles for the development of the internal energy market. This would truly enable all 27 European Union Member States to coordinate their actions and focus their efforts on making our economic environment greater and more competitive, on increasing jobs and reducing social exclusion. I feel that it is very important for specific calendars to be set, which would allow energy islands in the Member States to be reduced or eliminated. To achieve this it is particularly important to muster political will and solidarity and to ensure that we develop not only projects that are commercially attractive, but ones that are necessary for the European Union. I believe that it is also very important to set binding schedules for Member States, so that they comply on time with their obligations to implement these projects. Although investment decisions usually depend on market players, political decisions are also of huge significance in establishing a stable and transparent investment environment."@en1

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