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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I will be quite frank. I cannot see any determination, sincerity or dynamism. Time is running out. Sometimes I have the feeling that we are still trying to express our wishes to the Heads of State or Government rather than getting down to the nitty gritty of what needs to be done. We urgently need more courage to have more Europe. Have the courage to reach agreement on what is necessary, not just on what is possible. Break with the tradition of always blocking or delaying what needs to be done on internal policy grounds. Do not draw up lists of what is not possible due to national egoism and protectionism, but of what we need to do together, as Europe, in order to be competitive and to provide the right answer to the crisis. The events require new acts of solidarity. They require the next step to be taken towards integration. They require the swift correction of the structural shortcoming in the monetary union, namely the economic and social union. I am in favour of the competition pact and I am in favour of the internal energy market, because it can also ensure that prices fall, our independence increases and growth and jobs are created. However, we must also say ‘yes’ to the Research, Innovation and Education Area, in other words to the greater Europeanisation of education and research policy. I am also in favour of economic governance, provided it involves the Commission, but I am not in favour of a new intergovernmentalism that undermines the Treaty of Lisbon."@en1

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