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"Mr President, I would ask members to take a look at Mr Van Rompuy’s invitation to the next Council meeting. In it, he says ‘We are going to talk about energy, and I would particularly like to focus on energy supply and energy security’. However, the Council is engaging in the wrong debate. Energy supply and energy security important, of course they are, but primarily only within the framework of a more global objective, and in particular within the framework of an energy system which will be completely independent and completely sustainable in the long term. Obviously, I agree with many of the things that have been said, but I would like to steer the debate some way further ahead to the future. Although he is not with us right now, Mr Reul, the Chair of our Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, has said that politicians should not put forward too many new proposals. Well, he is wrong about that. It is the task of politicians to have a vision for the future and to formulate objectives accordingly. Our objective should be to switch entirely to renewable energy by 2050. It is not just a few individual politicians or a number of political groups that are saying that. No, scientists are saying that that is perfectly feasible if we start doing the right things to enable us to achieve this objective by 2050. There is, then, the question of energy efficiency, as well, as many members have pointed out. Incidentally, Mr Barroso has said many good things about that and I hope with all my heart that the Commissioner in charge will be able to deliver the goods. Moreover, we need to make huge investments in renewable energy: locally, at district level, but also in a number of special major projects, such as the North Sea Ring and major projects relating to solar panels. Finally – and that is where Europe has a very special task – we need an energy network which will ensure that all of that becomes a reality. It is the responsibility of the European Union to provide the funding and the Council ought to make decisions next Friday."@en1

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