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"Mr President, the forthcoming meeting of the European Council will be set against the backdrop of the continuing capitalist crisis and stiffening competition between the monopolies, both within the European Union and between the European Union and other imperialist centres, for energy and innovation. These are two vital sectors for capital. Large areas, such as the Middle East, Asia and Africa, are the scene for stiff imperialist competition and intervention to control wealth-producing resources and energy transportation routes, which is causing tremendous poverty, harsh exploitation and repression, in collaboration with the bourgeois classes at home and to the detriment of the people. This reactionary policy is giving rise to popular uprisings, such as those breaking out right now in Egypt and other countries, thereby proving that the people are the protagonists of history. The Greek Communist Party expresses its solidarity with the people protesting in Egypt. It calls on the people to express their real support and solidarity. The basic priority of the summit, which is not formally included in its agenda but which will be discussed, is the EU 2020 strategy. Priorities in terms of implementing reinforced economic governance will be moving in the same direction."@en1

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