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"Mr President, the first energy summit in the history of the European Union will take place on Friday, because, with the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon, the Union has direct responsibilities in this sector for the first time. I agree with Mr Barroso that energy policy may be the European Union’s next big integration project. There are very many aspects to this, and President Buzek has always said that we need an energy community in the EU. Where this summit was concerned, there were many hopes and expectations that the European Union’s strategic questions with regard to energy supply would be answered. What are the strategic questions? Yes, Mr Saryusz-Wolski, they include the EU’s dependence on energy imports. They include the enormous amount of energy that is still being wasted, and there are also the negative consequences of the current energy system on ecosystems and in particular on the Earth’s atmosphere. When I look at the Council conclusions, I have to say that this energy summit is going to be a huge disappointment, because it will not answer any of these major questions. It has actually been poorly prepared in terms of the common vision that we need and it has also been poorly prepared in terms of the coherence of the resources and instruments that we use. I would like mention once again that yesterday, at the alternative energy summit of the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, a five pillar concept was proposed for how we can answer these strategic questions, how we can reduce energy imports and energy wastage and, of course, how we can eliminate the negative impact on the environment. The proposed means for achieving this were through the development of renewable energies, through energy efficiency and through the use of information technology to interlink these different energy sources. That is an innovation summit. I have not heard of information technology being used as a strategic factor before. I therefore believe that we need a technological revolution, and this summit ought to be setting us on the right course. However, I have the impression that it is going in the wrong direction."@en1

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