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"Mr President, we already know that deepening the single market will mean greater liberalisation and, therefore, increased monopolistic concentration, to the benefit of the largest economic groups in the European Union’s more developed countries. We would like to make plain our opposition to this route in areas, like those relating to energy, that are strategic to economic and social development, particularly that of the countries on the periphery. However, the most serious issue is that everything mentioned here by the Council and Commission – not least on strengthening so-called ‘economic governance’ – ignores the reality of social problems, of worsening inequalities, of unemployment, of social exclusion, and of energy poverty. This last is growing exponentially in some countries with the rise in electricity and fuel prices. Economic policy and energy policy should have a central goal: social progress and improving our peoples’ living conditions; however, what is happening is the opposite. This, therefore, is the reason for the indignation that we can see growing in the streets in many of our countries, and now in Tunisia and Egypt too. We express our solidarity with the peoples of those countries and we want their rights to be respected, specifically by the Council, which should take a clear position on all this."@en1

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