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"Mr President, I heartily wish our dear Mr Barroso good luck. Good luck to all of us with the Azeris and the Turkmenis in the market. They say they have already promised to supply five other parties with gas. And this really raises the big question. A few years ago we had the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, and we are still battling with that. Now we have the North African crisis. The price of oil is already rising. So it is about time that we put on the agenda on Friday that Europe has to look into its own resources and sources. It is about time we put exploitation, extraction, etcetera on the agenda. I think you could ask the Member States to prepare maps of what is going on in terms of the exploitation of energy resources and sources in each Member State, evaluate the most promising projects, adopt incentives for private companies to engage in exploitation, and see what we can do with our own resources. We face the most horrifying scenario of losing the Suez Canal. So, as for Egypt, for all of us: orderly transition. Otherwise we are going to have huge problems."@en1

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