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"Matters concerning the victims of the Third Reich’s tyranny during World War II are still an extremely delicate subject, but one which is worth looking at in detail. Today we want to broaden the context within which the term Holocaust is viewed, since the general public understands it to mean the mass extermination of Jews. The ‘cleansing’ of other ethnic, national and social groups during World War II should also be remembered and commemorated. Too few people are aware of what happened, in particular Europe’s young people. It is for this very reason that we are trying to raise the painful and somewhat neglected issue of the extermination of the Roma during today’s debate. Porajmos, which is the Roma term for this extermination, claimed between 500 000 and 2 million Roma throughout Europe. They were the third largest group in terms of nationality to be murdered in Auschwitz, after Jews and Poles. These facts leave no doubt as to the enormity of the losses suffered by the Roma, which places us, as Europeans, under an obligation to commemorate those who suffered the injustice of falling victim to genocide, and spread awareness of their fate. Raising awareness of these events is a priority for current and future generations."@en1

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