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"Mr President, recommendation number 4 requires the Commission to issue reports on how it handles all future recommendations and to explain any disparities that might arise. I believe that this is a very sensible proposal and wish to make it more specific. Last year, Parliament decided during the relevant debate that we wanted to focus on fair and non-discriminatory competition for small and medium-sized enterprises. The Commission has done nothing in the interim. This recommendation is once again to be found in Mr Eppink’s motion for a resolution. I would like to hear from the Commission whether it now intends to implement this reiterated recommendation or I would ask them, at the very least, to tell us what it is that is preventing them from taking on board the particular concerns of small and medium-sized enterprises in this way. My second point relates to the commodities sector. I am very pleased to find that this report deals with the lack of transparency in the commodities sector. I also welcome the fact that it deals with the question of speculation in commodities. However, I regret that it has not taken up the recommendation of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy as a whole, which suggests that we should not follow the proposal made by the French Presidency, namely, that the issue of speculation should be confined to agricultural commodities, but recommends that speculation in metals should also be included. In my opinion, this is just as important."@en1

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