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"Mr President, High Representative, ladies and gentlemen, there seems to be positive agreement between Mr Danjean’s remarks and what you said in your speech, Baroness Ashton, regarding the analysis of the situation, which is that the situation in the Sahel is critical. We are talking about one of the poorest regions in the world, bordering on some of the countries that have been shaken over the last week by more dangerous instability than ever. It is also a region where terrorist infiltration and drug trafficking are intertwined to a truly worrying extent. All that makes the situation unsustainable and a real threat to Europe. We therefore need to see a qualitative leap in Europe’s initiative. The 2009 initiative for security and development in the Sahel has so far proved ineffective. What is needed is the new strategy for security in the Sahel that the Council of Foreign Ministers have called to adopt, which we are awaiting. I believe there are two important points that have been highlighted: firstly, a regional approach; and secondly, an integrated approach that enables us to make the best possible use of the various instruments available to the EU in a concrete, operational and coordinated way. We must realise, however, that the path for a possible mission must be assessed very carefully, because Common Security and Defence Policy missions are one of the instruments we have available, but they are no replacement for a political strategy. Our group therefore fully endorses Europe’s new, renewed commitment in the Sahel and we are anxious to see the new strategy, discuss it in detail and support its implementation."@en1

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