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"Mr President, in my opinion, each country is responsible for its own economy. Countries are not liable for each other’s debts. This is also contained in Article 125 of the Treaty. When it suits people the Treaty is adhered to, but when it does not, the Treaty is ignored. This has been seen in referenda: France says no, the Netherlands says no, and Ireland says no. Two of these results were dealt with by Parliament and one by means of another referendum. The interpretation of the Articles in the Treaty seems to depend on which way the wind is blowing. The Finnish Government has imposed on Finnish taxpayers the sort of unfair guarantor liabilities that we will eventually have to pay. We do not understand why Finnish workers and small entrepreneurs should sweat blood working to pay the debts of gamblers and liars. It is simply not right. When there were problems in the Soviet Union they called for more socialism. People congregated in Moscow: more socialism. When there are problems in Europe, people congregate in Brussels: more integration. The end result will be exactly the same. This will not work. Healthy societies are built from the bottom upwards. Democracy is built from the bottom upwards: not downwards from some ivory tower up above. That is just the way it goes. A common economic policy for Europe will not work. Europe can only work as an economic and free trade area, the like of which it should become once again. I would just like to say a few words about eurobonds. I went to Mellunmäki in Helsinki to talk about eurobonds, and when I said what they were the women clutched their handbags tightly and the men wondered whether they still had their wallets on them. This will not work."@en1

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