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"Mr President, I agree with the rapporteur that greater emphasis should be placed on system innovation, such as intelligent networks, intelligent measurement systems, easier integration of renewable energy sources and also the development of a comprehensive strategy for heat generation producers and distributors. However, I believe that the greatest savings and the greatest efficiency are to be achieved by fostering the personal responsibility of every European Union citizen. Just as we learned to save water, we have to learn to respect energy and use it efficiently. All procedures for granting permission for new infrastructure should be simplified and accelerated in order to maximise potential savings. Energy efficiency and energy security will be priorities in the upcoming Hungarian Presidency of the European Union. Poland, which will take over the Presidency from Hungary, and which has included the matter of energy security in its agenda, will also intensify the debate on modern legislative and non-legislative solutions that will allow the European energy sector to stay competitive while, at the same time, improving energy efficiency. I have to highlight at this point that for me personally, an increasingly critical issue is the plausibility of forecasts and the quality of the PRIMES model used by the European Union, particularly in view of the failure to achieve a consensus in CancĂșn. This is a subject for a separate debate, but I would like to appeal now for consideration to be given to a new, post-crisis approach to the issue of consumption and energy demands in the European Union. Transport seems to be the most appropriate way to implement modern, energy efficient solutions. Energy efficiency in the European Union should be adapted in the direction of demand, which is directly tied to expenditure and changes in citizens’ habits. In my opinion, changes will be brought about by measurable benefits for consumers and appropriate incentives and long-term forms of funding for manufacturers."@en1

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