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"Thank you for the floor, Mr President. Ladies and gentlemen, it can be stated that the visa system is an effective means for the successful prevention of illegal entry to or illegal stay in European Union Member States. When we decide which third country’s citizens should be subject to visa requirements, the situation of each country must be examined individually, taking into account illegal immigration, public order and security issues, as well as the EU’s external relations, regional consistency and, naturally, the principle of reciprocity. The assessment mechanism must work in such a way as to ensure that visa requirements are immediately reinstated for all countries which backtrack on the aforementioned criteria or which introduce visa requirements for the nationals of one or more Member States. Unfortunately, practice has shown that the consequences of the removal of visa restrictions in terms of immigration and security always have to be dealt with subsequently by the Member States themselves. In my view, this is a matter of security policy and not some kind of gift to be simply handed over to applicant countries. It is precisely for this reason that I believe that security guarantees should be requested from all countries before they are given the green light for their citizens to enter the territory of the European Union without a visa."@en1

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