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"Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to start by making a procedural motion, and ask the European Parliament not to discuss the important events regarding Hungary so late in the evening, if possible, but rather at a time when as many fellow Members as possible are able to be present in this Chamber. Unfortunately, we had the same situation when we discussed the Slovak language law. Well, in the experts’ opinion, the disaster at Kolontár was the result of uninhibited profit making and a serious breach of technological discipline. Unfortunately, after two weeks of investigations, the people responsible for the accident have still not been identified, and there is less and less hope of getting to the truth. What makes the situation even more serious is that the victims cannot even count on the Solidarity Fund, as this is not a natural disaster, and the value of the estimated damage does not exceed the prescribed EUR 591 million, but it is a case of serious human negligence. In addition to this, commercial banks are sending out the most outrageous demands to owners of mortgaged properties, asking them to repay all their debts immediately, in one amount, in view of the fact that residential properties in the region have become completely worthless. This reminds me of Thomas Friedman, the New York Times columnist, who said in his editorial of 4 September that credit is a drug, banks are drug dealers, and the central bank is the Godfather. In order to solve this situation urgently, it is essential to have European social solidarity that can mitigate the damages. It is our duty to provide the victims with every assistance, to help them restore their normal living conditions as soon as possible. In addition, the Criminal Code should be made stricter without delay, to avoid the occurrence of similar disasters taking human lives in the future."@en1

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