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"Madam President, Mrs Figueiredo put it excellently, and I should just like to add one thing. The EU is founded on the idea that prosperity for as many people as possible is a guarantee of economic development for all Europeans. Thanks to the open market, but also thanks to structural funding – to the redistribution of prosperity – the standard of living in the Central and Eastern European Member States is rising, and older Member States are benefiting from this. All Europeans have a right to a decent living, as do all world citizens. That is why poverty reduction features in the Treaty of Lisbon. The Millennium Development Goals must be attained, and we can proceed at international level in exactly the same way we are proceeding with new Member States. Poor countries increase in prosperity as a result of respect for the rule of law, as this gives businesses the courage to invest there, knowing that their contracts are secure. Worldwide redistribution of prosperity reduces social tension and the chance of violence and refugee flows, and increases our potential markets. Therefore, it is incomprehensible that some governments of Member States, such as the Netherlands – my own country – are now tampering with the development budget and also seeking to tamper with these objectives. They are doing so out of mistaken, short-sighted self-interest. Poverty reduction must remain the EU’s priority."@en1

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