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"The European Union has introduced a ban on the use of capital punishment. This is the end result of a process which has been taking place in the countries of Europe, although the continent does still have many supporters of the death penalty. I do not think it is the role of the European Parliament to adopt a position on the deterrent effect of capital punishment, particularly because numerous studies which have been carried out recently, mainly at universities in the US, show that the death sentence does act as a deterrent. Our role is to take care to ensure that our societies are safe. Regarding currently prevailing law in the European Union, we should remember that just as we demand respect for our decisions, so we should respect views encountered in other democratic societies and not impose our vision of justice upon those societies. The societies of the US, Japan and South Korea are entitled to establish such laws as they see fit. We, however, in Europe, should remember that renouncement of the death penalty must not mean indulgence towards the most abominable of crimes, the crime of murder – in such cases, we need severe punishments which are a deterrent and which isolate the perpetrator, such as a sentence of life imprisonment without the possibility of conditional release. For if we want to live in a secure society, we must have severe laws against those who violate the fundamental human right – the right to life – and who, in addition, are often prepared to violate it again and to kill innocent people."@en1

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