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"Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, for the eighth World day against the death penalty, I have a thought for all those who have not been spared death: for the 200 000 innocent unborn children we get rid of every year in France; for Natasha Mougel, the young 29-year-old woman murdered a few weeks ago, stabbed with a screwdriver by a repeat offender; for the four year-old child whose throat was cut a few days ago near my home in Meyzieu; for the elderly gentleman stabbed in Roquebrune in January by a man who had already been prosecuted for knife attacks; for the six to seven hundred innocent people killed each year in France and the many thousands of others in Europe and across the world; for Marie-Christine Hodeau, Nelly Cremel, Anne-Lorraine Schmitt and so many like them, whose only crime was to one day cross the path of a criminal freed by the law after committing a first terrible crime; for the victims of all the likes of Dutroux, Evrard and Fourniret, whose lives have been wrecked forever if not lost; for those who were killed in London, Madrid and elsewhere, victims of blind terrorism. I think of them because no one organises a world day for the victims, but they do organise days for their executioners, who often do indeed deserve death. In a state governed by the rule of law, and only in such a state, the death penalty is not a state crime. It helps protect society and citizens against criminals for whom it is sometimes the only means of redemption."@en1

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