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"Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, we all agree on the fact that Europe must use its moral and political influence to further the cause of abolishing the death penalty. If, however, we are not to remain at the stage of abstract declarations of principle, the European Union really must start using the specific instruments at its disposal. For example, Europe must remember that many third countries that still apply the death penalty in the most brutal and barbaric ways are countries with which the Union has concluded lucrative economic and trade agreements. Above all, Europe must remind these countries that, by signing such agreements, they have committed themselves to respecting minimum standards of fundamental rights. This requirement is routinely ignored, while Europe looks the other way. Let us then begin to speak clearly about the death penalty with China, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Yemen, Bangladesh, and so on, forcing these countries to honour the undertakings they have assumed in terms of respect for human dignity. So far, Europe has only preached. We can only hope that it begins to put its words into action as soon as possible, something that it has unfortunately not yet succeeded in doing in many cases."@en1

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