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"I would like to express my regard for the rapporteur, Mr Vidal-Quadras, who, a year ago, faced the exceptionally difficult challenge of preparing a report on questions of energy security in the area of safeguarding gas supplies to the European Union. Both the European Parliament and the Council are fully aware of the understanding which has been worked out together. The regulation concerning security of gas supply is to be an instrument on the strength of which the European Commission, Member States and their authorities and also gas enterprises are going to have to take action sufficiently in advance to prevent the effects of a disruption to gas supply. As we have heard, here, the rapporteur said it is a legal act which is a response to a real problem being faced by the European Union. I would like to refer to the current situation and say that there may, at this moment, be a new crisis in the making. This concerns what is happening on the basis of a contract between Poland and Russia. This is a new challenge for the European Commission. Currently, Poland has become a battleground between the European Commission and the Russian Federation over implementation of the third liberalisation package for the gas market. If the Commission wants to test the situation, it should do so using the example of a country which has a diversified gas supply structure, and not Poland, which is very limited in this area. Poland is currently at risk of a serious energy crisis in the form of a gas supply deficit of 1.7 billion cubic metres. There is, therefore, a risk that the Polish economy will collapse. We expect support from the European Commission in resolving the problems which have arisen. It should be said that Poland plays the role of a transit state, and is not the end of the Russian system. I hope that the development of the situation on the eastern border of the European Union will make most Member States appreciate the significance and the importance of safeguarding gas supply security."@en1

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