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"The trend of restrictive legislation in Israel points to an ever widening gulf between Israel’s ideal of being the only real democracy in the Middle East, as we proudly like to point out, and the actual situation which, despite all this undeniable democracy, also includes suppression of the legitimate rights of the neighbouring Palestinian population to self-determination and to their own country and freedom. Since this is the policy of the Israeli Government, anyone who opposes it, whether an individual or a non-governmental organisation, will sooner or later become an enemy of its dictatorship. It is difficult, impossible, to be a democracy behind high walls while, at the same time, oppressing others. That is an illusion. This is why Israel will have to make a choice between remaining a democracy and developing democratically – in the sense of recognising and allowing its neighbouring population, the Palestinians, to exercise their democratic rights – and maintaining its current policy of undermining those rights and occasionally sliding into undemocratic behaviour, lack of openness, narrow-mindedness, xenophobia and repression of its civil society. Unfortunately, the inevitable price of such a policy towards the Palestinians will be the destruction of Israel’s own democracy."@en1

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