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"Exports of modern French warships to Russia have a European and a political dimension. They also have a dimension of solidarity, or lack thereof, because they concern our Member States from the Baltic region as well as our partners in the Eastern Partnership: Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and so on. We know that France intervened in the Russian-Georgian war and that at this point, Russia took on and signed certain international obligations. However, has it observed them? Has it, for example, allowed European Union observers into South Ossetia and Abkhazia? I am afraid it has not so far done so. We know that the Council’s common position from 2008 is very definite. The importing country must observe its international obligations and human rights and it must maintain peace, security and stability in the region. However, is Russia doing any of this? My final question to you is: is France or, rather, President Sarkozy, in a position to obtain, in return for this dubious sale of assault vessels to Russia, Russia’s commitment that it will genuinely begin to observe its international obligations?"@en1

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