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"Madam President, costs cannot be allowed to increase in the Member States as a result of government or EU measures. There are no green taxes, there are no blue taxes, there are no red taxes: there are only taxes, which the people pay. A rise in costs is lethal for employment. Each rise in costs eats up jobs. The European Union and the European Central Bank have no independent policy on interest rates at present. This makes it difficult for the Member States to manage their finances, as they are unable to practise a financial policy. Despite these regrettable factors, we still need policy on growth and employment. Both Finnish and European labour succeeds with individual products and the quality of those products. The rules on competitive bidding must be fair, honest and transparent. It is crucial for us to have work in Finland done by Finnish labour, and that is the case in every other Member State. National labour for export and for one’s own country: that is the recipe for success."@en1

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