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"Madam President, the EU has taken on an ample share of the aid, but its pledges – EUR 230 million from the EU and its Member States – do now need to be honoured. Pakistan must not fall victim to an unspoken distrust. Humanitarian aid is a duty, detached from politics and free from discrimination. The EU is one of the main donors, and so it is essential that we, in particular, coordinate our efforts effectively. I have a question for Commissioner Georgieva. What aspects of our coordination can be improved, and what is required – what do you require – in order to do this? The people must be given sustained access to clean drinking water, medical care and food. Whilst the threat of renewed flooding remains, the construction of the affected regions will be fraught with difficulty. As soon as this is possible, the international community must also help the government and people of Pakistan alleviate the effects of this disaster in the long term; and, if this requires a bigger budget, we must find the scope for this."@en1

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