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". I thank the rapporteur. Many ideas from my group have been worked into the report before us, and now we have a very good result. Our primary goal must be to ensure high-quality food production in Europe. In the discussion on the organisation of agrarian reform, there was frequent talk of compensation of public goods. In my opinion, this debate goes in the right direction. Only if the citizens of the EU are convinced that efforts are really being made and money is not simply being paid out across the board will the common agricultural policy get the recognition that it deserves. The development of rural areas plays an ever greater role. In order to prevent the obliteration and desertification of our agriculture, we must develop further instruments that will stop the rural exodus. Active rural areas are an attractive living environment not just for farmers, but also for people who do not want to live in cities. We should approve the report as it stands with a large majority in plenary in order to send a clear outward signal."@en1

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