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"It seems that the Mercosur negotiations are only pursuing one goal: to hand over a defenceless European agriculture. I do not want to know how immeasurably high the profit for industry and the services sector will be – I want to know how high the damage for agriculture will be. No one can now estimate the damage that a potential agreement with the Mercosur countries could do to domestic agricultural producers. The sensitive agricultural sector must not be handed over in the negotiations. The same goes for the European consumers who find themselves confronted with food which is not manufactured under the high production standards of the EU. On the one hand, this is risky for the health of EU citizens, because the conditions under which imported food is produced are not clear, and on the other hand, European agriculture receives unequal treatment, because EU production and processing standards do not apply to agricultural imports from the Mercosur countries. If someone is prepared to give away everything for a profit or an advantage, then we have a phrase to describe them: ‘They would sell their own grandmothers’. Feel free to sell your grandmother, Commissioner, but do not give away our European agriculture."@en1

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