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"Madam President, the United Nations and numerous non-governmental organisations continually report information to the international community about the repression which is being imposed on tens of thousands of North Koreans. Torture and sentences in forced labour camps, often because of political views, are an everyday occurrence there. A significant part of the population is suffering from malnutrition and a lack of suitable medical care, and the North Korean Government rejects all forms of cooperation with United Nations bodies, which makes it impossible for the people of North Korea to have access to any kind of international humanitarian aid. I think the European Parliament has a moral obligation to appeal to the authorities of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to end these practices as quickly as possible. In addition, in view of the huge influence of the People’s Republic of China on policy in Pyongyang, the European Commission should raise these matters as part of the European Union’s dialogue with China. In order to coordinate our action better it would be a good idea to appoint a European Union Special Representative for North Korea."@en1

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