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"The case of Maria Lourdes Afiuni is absolutely appalling to anyone who defends democratic values. It highlights the fact that the rule of law is nothing but a meaningless concept in Venezuela. The politicisation of the judiciary has increased since Hugo Chávez came to power. Judicial authorities do not usually dare speak out against the government. When this does happen, the consequences are drastic. It is unacceptable that a judge who is only doing her duty in guaranteeing citizens their fundamental rights can be subjected to such reprisals. The Venezuelan Government must release Judge Afiuni quickly and stop its attacks on the independence of the judiciary. At the same time, we must also put this case in the context of the parliamentary elections in September. The practice of criminalising the actions of the government’s critics must stop, along with all the attempts to restrict the freedom of expression and the press. The authoritarian tendency of the Chávez regime is extremely worrying and I think that we must not be afraid to say so."@en1

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