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"Madam President, I am of the same opinion as Mrs De Keyser. When we were asked some days ago to debate this matter as an urgent case, I stated that the specific case of Judge Afiuni deserved attention. Perhaps not in the form of an emergency resolution. Perhaps in the form of a letter that different Members could sign, demonstrating our concern and detailing the request that we are making – or rather, that we should be making and have yet to make – for the legal guarantees relating to all trials, including the case of Judge Afiuni, to be observed. This was the intention, and with this intention our group also presented a motion for a resolution in which we put forward several points coinciding with some of the opinions that have been expressed, and which I believe it is important to recall. However, what we have found during this process is that, rather than a resolution on a specific case of violation of human rights, or the specific situation that the judge is going through at this time, there has been an allegation from the point of view of the Venezuelan opposition. It will have escaped nobody’s attention that we have elections very soon. Moreover, it will have escaped nobody’s attention that this resolution will be used politically – politically! – in Venezuela. I have a very clear lack of affinity or political sympathy for Mr Chávez; a complete lack. However, I also do not want the European Parliament to be used to campaign for the opposition, which, at this point, is using an individual case to damage the credibility of an entire policy, with which it is possible to be more or less in agreement, but which needs to be debated politically at all times. This is not the debate that we are having today, which may need to take place in another context, but not today, not here, not now. The resolution on cases of human rights violations, democracy and the rule of law has a very specific mandate and a very specific purpose, and you have spent a great deal of time using this space to do other things that have nothing to do with individual and specific reports of human rights violations. It seems to me that there has been a need for some time for the entire House, for all groups, to reflect on this, for the sake of human rights."@en1

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