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"The resumption of negotiations with Mercosur, decided unilaterally by the European Commission, does not bode well for European agriculture, which is experiencing an unprecedented crisis. Apart from the fact that there was no political debate prior to the reopening of these negotiations, this agreement clearly puts our European agricultural interests at stake. There can be no question of any new agricultural concessions, after the offers made in July 2008 within the framework of the Doha Round. Back then we had already reached a ‘final limit’, and so to exceed it would be to kill our agriculture. While that may not be the morbid intention of the Commission, I do nevertheless wonder about its ability to ensure that the EU does not pay twice. Certainly, when faced with any attempt at protectionism, the best response to the economic crisis is to open up to trade, but not at any price and not to the detriment of the EU. As a member of the Committee on International Trade who is in a position to approve or reject the EU-Mercosur FTA, I will oppose a cut-price bilateral agreement, which would sacrifice European agriculture and would provide little satisfactory progress for the rest of the European economy."@en1

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