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"Reopening negotiations with the Mercosur countries without consulting the Member States was very dirty play. The negotiations were suspended in 2004 when it was realised that trade between the EU and members of Mercosur might have adverse effects on our agriculture. Most at risk of losses are the beef, pig meat and poultry meat sectors and the milk, fruit and vegetable, sugar and bioethanol sectors. It is estimated that signing the agreement would cause losses ranging from several billion euro to several times this amount. Liberalisation of trade between the Union and Mercosur must be preceded by an accurate analysis of the effect of such an agreement on the Community market and careful consultations with representatives of the parties involved. Opening our market to imports is not an entirely bad initiative, but only if the same standards are in force in all countries. Otherwise, the costs of concessions under the WTO will be borne by our farmers."@en1

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