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"( ) The resumption of negotiations in September between Mercosur and the EU is a process of the utmost importance for the EU. On the one hand, in a multipolar world where the BRIC countries are gaining ever more influence, it is vital that the EU establishes a privileged relationship with Latin American countries, where it holds more investment than Russia, India and China put together. In combination with a special trade relationship, this would ensure the consolidation of an enormous economic advantage on a global scale. On the other hand, we have the level of openness to trade relating to agricultural goods and the definition of health and plant health rules that are needed for exchange between the blocs. Mercosur’s competitiveness in agricultural markets has been strengthened and has increased in recent years, so there needs to be an impact study on the consequences of an agreement for European agricultural activity, which is in no condition to suffer more shocks at present. This means that we should not plunge into a process that will reach its conclusion too fast without taking account of potentially negative impacts on European agriculture, or excessive protectionism, which compromises the EU’s important position in this area of the world."@en1

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