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"Mr President, I believe that we have talked a great deal about sustainability. We have been discussing it for two hours, but there is one thing that most certainly is not sustainable, and there is clearly exactly the same problem with every President: the fact that we do not know when to ask for the floor in order to have our request granted. I have now been overlooked for the second time, even though I asked for the floor in plenty of time. I think this is an outrage. Clearly, it is necessary to ask each President, including the previous President, for clear rules to be laid down and for the President to take account of when we have to ask for the floor during catch-the-eye. It is unacceptable for me to go immediately after a debate, after the previous agenda item, and ask very politely to be given a chance to speak, only to be ignored. Please tell us when you are going to ignore people. Please let us know if there is clearly no desire to allow someone to talk about as important a topic as sustainability. There is clearly no sustainability here if we have to ask every President to grant us our parliamentary right and allow us to speak. I would like to make an urgent request for clarification in this regard, because this is an unfair way of going about things."@en1

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