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"Mr President, Commissioner, as a signatory to the present question I would like to return to a specific issue, namely that of food safety. In your initial remarks today you told us that products imported into the EU have to meet our requirements and that the WTO gives us the right to uphold our regulations, provided that they are based on scientific evidence. However, when I consider our agricultural production and the products themselves, not everything can be proven scientifically. Also important are the general conditions under which animals are raised, for example, as well as the general conditions under which agriculture operates. In Europe we have some excellent legislation in relation to the future of biodiversity. We would like to hear some answers from you about how you intend to adhere to these principles of food safety, consumer protection, animal protection and environmental protection in this trade agreement. The politicians must be able to decide, even when the scientific evidence is unavailable. We do not want cloned meat from the Mercosur countries."@en1

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