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"Negotiations with the Mercosur countries were suspended in 2004. This year, they have been reopened, and are being conducted on the basis of a mandate dating from 1999. Such an important decision should have been preceded by a debate on policy in the European Parliament and in the Council. I do understand that the stakes in these talks are extremely high, because the Mercosur countries are an enormous market, a market for EU industrial products and services. However, we should also be protecting the interests of our farmers and the agriculture and food sector. If a bilateral agreement on preferential trade were made with Mercosur countries, it might have very damaging effects, including in the poultry meat, beef and pig meat sectors, the sugar and dairy product sectors and also the ethanol sector. If that happened, it would be necessary to propose certain forms of compensation to farmers. Experts estimate that making such an agreement could result in very large losses of income among farmers. These will be even higher if the agreement is both bilateral and made at WTO level."@en1

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