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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, the Spanish Presidency has decided to sign this agreement. This decision has caused some concern, as we have already heard, and in tabling this question my fellow Members are asking for clarification as regards the impact that the negotiations may have on European producers and products. I wished to point out that the creation of a free-trade relationship between the two parties allows for imports into Europe of animal products containing antibiotic growth activators that have not undergone sufficient testing, and of genetically modified agricultural products that could jeopardise farmers’ food safety. I therefore call on the Commission to adopt an authoritative position so as to safeguard European quality production. The Commission must also undertake to ensure that Europe’s high production standards are recognised at international level and that these same standards are required of all imported products. Lastly, I believe that the Commission should take account of the concerns expressed by the various associations in the sector, so as to ensure transparent and fair negotiations that do not harm the European economy."@en1

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