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"Mr President, I would just like to say that it may be the case that we have not organised our agenda very well today. If having free trade agreements means that we allow products to enter Europe that respect neither our social standards nor our environmental standards, the reform of the common agricultural policy will be pointless. Clearly we cannot continue to take this hypocritical approach where, on the one hand, we impose environmental restrictions relating to health and safety traceability on our farmers, on the grounds that we have to protect consumers, and, on the other hand, we allow products that fail to meet these standards to enter our continent freely. That is precisely the issue being discussed behind the scenes at the negotiations with Mercosur. Although we are being told that Parliament was very well informed and that matters have been as transparent and as clear as possible, the way in which things have been initiated does not give us a good impression of a negotiation that is being held at the same time as other negotiations are taking place at the WTO. For the sake of consistency, and of protecting consumers and our farmers, I feel that we cannot continue down this track."@en1

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