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"Commissioner, there is a Hungarian saying that the longer the explanation, the more likely it is that the person offering it is lying. You are not telling the truth! The European Commission has only ever had one honest Commissioner, Mr Dacian Cioloş, who said that we must choose between the WTO and Mercosur, otherwise we will ruin European agriculture. This is the truth, Mr De Gucht. As far as you are concerned, the Spanish Presidency and the Commission have violated the Treaty of Lisbon because the European Parliament has been left out. Mr Gaspari can say that the Committee on Foreign Affairs granted authorisation, but Parliament has not been given a mandate. This is the other reason for my question. Incidentally, I would add that the new Member States can only lose out here. We favour liberalisation, but if Spain and Portugal have special interests, they should leave the European Union out of it. They should sort it out themselves. There is no need to provide an EU framework for this."@en1

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