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"Mr President, the reopening of the European Union-Mercosur negotiations comes within a positive context that will enable dialogue to be restored with regard to trade relations. So far it is only talks that have resumed, and it is good that today’s debate has caused the Commission to take proper note of what we think. Although the European Union stands to gain in sectors such as wine, olive oil, speciality meats, and preserved fruit and vegetables, it is logical to assume that in no case will these compensate for the impact that may be anticipated on EU livestock and agricultural production, such as sugar or cereals. I would ask the Commission to work towards reaching an agreement that is balanced overall, and which takes into account the sensitivity of certain products. It should include the necessary mechanisms to prevent any failures, such as strict controls on the health and phytosanitary quality levels of imported products. Another important issue would be preventing the results from overlapping with Doha, and the European Union from duplicating its allowances in the area of agriculture. That said, I echo the criticisms of the restrictive measures adopted by Argentina against certain European products, and I hope that the Commission acts firmly to resolve this situation soon."@en1

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