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"Mr President, Commissioner, during its meeting on 4 May 2010, the College of Commissioners decided to reopen negotiations on an association agreement between the European Union and the Mercosur countries. Everything leads us to believe that, if these negotiations result in an agreement, European agricultural producers will be faced with significant problems, in particular in the beef, poultry, cereal and fruit and vegetable sectors. Disastrous knock-on effects might also follow for other sectors, such as the pork sector for example. Here I must warn you of the unfair competition that this, the world’s third integrated market, might bring. Indeed, while Europe wants to be seen as a pioneer in terms of health requirements, hygiene, traceability, respect for the environment and notably also social standards, by imposing a very restrictive cross-compliance system on its producers, beef production – and more specifically Brazilian beef production – still does not fully meet veterinary and health standards. By accepting imports from Mercosur countries which do not meet European standards, we risk having to assume a heavy burden in the defence of our consumers’ interests and risk penalising European producers by applying double standards. Commissioner, I would ask you to be particularly vigilant in this regard."@en1

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