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"Mr President, as regards the Mercosur countries, I would highlight the large deficit trade balance against the European Union in the agricultural product sector. Yet Argentina is blocking food imports from third countries, thereby seriously damaging exports of European agro-foodstuffs, including Greek peach jam. I should like to ask the Commissioner if he raised this issue last week during the first round of negotiations in Buenos Aires. Also, does Argentina’s stance raise questions of the incompatibility of its measures with the rules and obligations of the World Trade Organisation? A brief digression: Commissioner, negotiations with the countries of the Andes and Central America have been completed. To be honest, the concessions made by Europe in the agricultural sector are causing reasonable concerns and raising specific questions: What justification is there for the quotas granted by Europe in the rice and sugar sectors, which exceed the productive capacities of these countries? Do the agreements include a net exporter clause, in order to prevent the development of a trade triangle? Can the Commission assure us that import prices will be maintained in the fruit and vegetable sector? Commissioner, I too should like to add my voice to the voices of my fellow Members who spoke about the need for closer interinstitutional cooperation between the Commission and the European Parliament. The Commission needs to realise that the terms of interinstitutional cooperation changed under the Treaty of Lisbon, as did the interinstitutional culture. The more quickly you move in that direction, the more productive and correct cooperation will be between the two institutions."@en1

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