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"( ) Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, Latin America as a whole and the Mercosur countries in particular are strategic partners of the European Union. We share a common history and social values with them. Moreover, it is a geopolitical area where freedom, democracy and respect for human rights have been making remarkable progress. The deepening of political and cultural ties and maximising mutual benefits in economic terms therefore makes perfect sense. I therefore welcome the European decision to reopen negotiations on the association agreement with Mercosur, although I regret and condemn Argentina’s recent protectionist actions, which are totally in contrast with the spirit of openness shown by the European side. However, I must alert the Commission to the potentially negative consequences for the European agricultural sector if these negotiations are not handled with care. We all know the extent of the imbalance in our trade with Mercosur and the respective production conditions and requirements for farmers on both sides of the Atlantic. For this reason, along with the questions that were formally submitted in writing, particularly the one asking how the Commission intends to address the issue of sensitive products, I would like to know how it intends to react to Argentina’s understandable action."@en1

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