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"The common agricultural policy requires fundamental and bold reform which takes into account the particular situation of new Member States. Maintaining the CAP is only reasonable in the eyes of European taxpayers and defensible at negotiations with ministries of finance if we can show that in addition to European food safety, agriculture can also provide social and environmental public goods for society. I believe that only a major reform can save the common agricultural policy. The agricultural investments of new Member States should be supported with subsidised benefits, otherwise European agriculture will operate at two, or, taking into account the situation in Romania and Bulgaria, three different rates of development. This will further increase the gap between the EU15 and the 12 new Member States. The achievement of ‘green’ agriculture in Europe and the production of environmental public goods require new investments, especially in the new Member States. Farmers should not be punished, but given financial incentives to help them purchase machines that allow environmentally and soil-friendly cultivation, gene pool replacement for cultivated species and investments to protect the environment and water purity."@en1

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