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"When the European integration process started, the common agricultural policy not only secured food supply for the population, it also laid the foundation for a modern European agriculture and other specific policies. However, the European Union recently gained 12 new Member States. This means that the EU acquired a new agricultural population of 7 million people in addition to the 6 million it had before 2004. In addition, following the accession of the new Member States, the EU’s agricultural land of 130 million hectares increased by 40% to 185 million. At the time of accession, new Member States anticipated that, in time, their farmers would receive the same level of support from the CAP as farmers in the old Member States. However, this can only be achieved if the resources dedicated to agricultural policy are not reduced after 2013. The EU must take into consideration the different situations and needs of Member States, as European agriculture will only promote the interests of Member States, farmers and citizens alike if resources are not distributed unfairly due to differences in modernisation levels."@en1

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