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"I welcome this report which is the first step in examining the shape and nature of the common agricultural policy (CAP) post 2013. This report reaffirms that there will be a CAP post 2013, that it should remain a common policy and that its budget should be at least maintained at current levels. The report is firm on keeping the policy an EU one, rejecting attempts to re-nationalise it. Farmers should take heart that this Parliament understands their concerns. The CAP post 2013 should support active producers and reward them for the food they produce and the many public goods they provide to society – including high animal welfare and environmental standards. Market support measures will be essential in providing adequate safety nets against extreme market volatility which is likely to be a feature of the market in the future. Only seven per cent of the EU’s farmers are under 35 years of age – this is a stark reminder that we need to ensure that the conditions exist to keep young people farming. It is essential that there should be a strong focus on young generations in the CAP post 2013 so to provide for the development of agriculture in an innovative and efficient way."@en1

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