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"The future of the common agricultural policy after 2013 is extremely important for us. Many important things depend on the CAP – the structure of the European Union budget and the future of agriculture, farmers and rural areas. The entire European Parliament needs to be aware of the CAP’s significance for the future of the EU. What is crucial is, of course, the matter of direct payments, as is the need to eliminate disparities between them in different countries. Today, differences between the level of payments in different Member States are too great. This undermines the sense of solidarity, equality and community. What farmers need most of all is stable incomes, both now and in the longer term. Without this it is very difficult to modernise farms, and it will be difficult to maintain the beneficial influence of agriculture on the natural and cultural environment. Therefore, let us endeavour to help ensure that future changes in the common agricultural policy lead to stable incomes for European farmers. Thank you very much."@en1

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