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". This resolution involves a transition from area as the historical basis for determining direct support payments in the next financial planning period. We thus provide for the possibility of a transitional period. Such a period is essential, but a full seven years would be an excessively long transitional period. Dragging our feet in implementing the new method could negatively impact the attainment of an important objective of the CAP reform – support that is targeted, fair, balanced, simple and transparent. One argument in favour of preserving the CAP budget at its 2013 level is the justified expectations of the new Member States that CAP support will in their case be comparable with that provided to the older Member States. I am convinced that the CAP can be powerful and truly common only if it is intended to secure fair competition between all European farmers. Undistorted competition in Europe is also a precondition for the competitiveness of European farmers in world markets. I should like to highlight the political will expressed in the resolution to strengthen the position of primary producers in the food supply chain, so that primary producers’ organisations can become more effective and so that they can talk to large retailers and processing businesses on equal terms. I hope that the rural development element in the CAP will be consolidated and that the main focus of attention in rural development strategy will be on rural communities, environmental improvement, the modernisation and restructuring of agriculture, the strengthening of cohesion, an improvement in the sale of produce and competitiveness, job preservation and creation in rural areas, and on climate change, renewable energy and biodiversity."@en1

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